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The V2 4.5 kW vertical wind turbine is an elegant solution for industrial and, commercial applications. The V2 is an efficient, quiet and vibration free system that is safely integrated into your building or installation site. The system is also safe for our winged friends. With the ability to mount directly onto commercial or industrial buildings, this super strong and robust design can produce substantial power savings which will positively impact your bottom line while simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.. The air vanes are made from aircraft aluminum and can withstand intense wind regimes or freak weather events. The entire system is assembled on site around a compact and modular architecture. We intentionally designed the V2 platform so you can easily bring the turbine through tight locations within a building such as a elevator shaft or roof access staircase.

Whatever your application the beautiful and stylish V2 will surely make a statement that lets your neighbors or community know that you are serious about creating a cleaner future and smartly saving money at the same time.

  • Unique patent pending design
  • Omni-directional wind capture no yaw control required
  • Rugged aluminum and steel construction
  • Modular vanes for easy assembly in the field
  • Robust and tough design for extreme environments
  • Ultra reliable low RPM permanent magnet generator
  • Less than 5 decibels above ambient sound levels
  • Vibration free operation
  • Safe for our friends the Birds and Bats
  • Custom colours available

Type : Helical Savonius VAWT
Swept Area : 6.20 square meters
Rotor Dimensions : 1.28m wide x 4.84m tall
Overall Height : 5.7 meters
Weight : 665kg
Rotor Material : 5052-H32 Aircraft Aluminum
Coatings : Anodized and Powder Coated
Start up Speed : 1.5m/s - 5.4 km/h
Cut-in Speed : 4m/s - 14.4km/h
Survival Wind Speed : 40m/s - 55m/s